London planetree

303 Chelsea St, Boston, 02128

Planting Site Information

Planting Site Type: Pit
Sidewalk width 8 ft or greater
Planting Site Width 46
Pit Length 68
Material in site:
Is there a raised bed? No
Do you see a fence or perimeter guard? No
Do you see loose trash? No
Wires Overhead? No
Do you see a metal grate, either with or without a tree? No
Is there a stump? There is a tree! If so, continue to next section.
Requirements for Concrete Cutouts
Address 303 Chelsea St

Tree Information

Tree is: Alive
Common Name London planetree
Scientific Name Platanus acerifolia
Confidence in species or genus identification Very confident
If tree is multistem, click box below and measure the circumference right under the point where the branches stem
Trunk Diameter 24.2 in
Percent of Tree that is Green Vigorous foliage: 90-100% of crown covered by leaves
Amount of pruning seen in tree None to some
Other features found on tree (check all that apply)
Notes to add not captured above:
Tree Number 2947923

Tree Stewardship

No entries yet!

Yearly Ecosystem Services

Carbon dioxide stored to date 3,145.7 lbs $10
Energy conserved 1,843.0 kwh/year $92
Carbon dioxide removed 778.4 lbs/year $2
Air quality improved 3.1 lbs/year $19
Stormwater filtered 3,244.4 gal/year $2


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