yegTreeMap is an online map database of trees in Edmonton. Individuals, community groups, and government can collaboratively create an accurate and informative inventory of the trees in their communities.

yegTreeMap was built by Azavea, a Philadelphia-based software design and development firm specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The core dataset of trees planted on public land was provided by the City of Edmonton.

Azavea is an award-winning geospatial analysis (GIS) software development firm specializing in the creation of location-based web and mobile solutions, as well as geospatial analysis services to enhance decision making. Azavea is committed to working on projects with a strong social value component in order to promote the emergence of more dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable communities. Each of Azavea’s projects, products and pro bono engagements showcases this commitment. Azavea is a certified B Corporation.

Root for Trees is an enhanced tree planting initiative which intends to increase tree planting within the city through continued partnerships with corporations, individual residents and community groups. The target of this initiative is to plant an addition 16,000 trees annually by volunteers on public and private land. The vision of Root for Trees is to have a city of trees planted by Edmontonians.

Get Involved:
Help your urban forest grow! Volunteer to plant trees or attend a special event.

For more information:
Phone: 311 or outside Edmonton 780-442-5311