Chinese elm

10839 LINDBLADE ST, Culver City

Tree Information

Tree Number 348212
Common Name Chinese elm
Scientific Name Ulmus parvifolia

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Trunk Diameter 22.0 in
Diameter Circumference
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Tree Height 38.0 ft
Date Planted
Date Removed
Funded by
Planted By
Special Projects
Tree Caretaker Culver City

Tree Stewardship

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Planting Site Information

Planting Site Width
Planting Site Length
Address 10839 LINDBLADE ST
City Culver City
Postal Code
Custom ID WCA Culver City Inventory 2014-03-25 - 736234
Owned By
Powerlines Overhead
Sidewalk Damage
Tree Location

Planting Site Stewardship

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Yearly Ecosystem Services

Carbon dioxide stored to date 2,084.1 lbs $21
Energy conserved 185.0 kwh/year $36
Carbon dioxide removed 233.0 lbs/year $2
Air quality improved 0.8 lbs/year $14
Stormwater filtered 2,065.8 gal/year $20


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