The mission of the Urban Forest Map is to improve information sharing, communicate the value of the urban forest, and engage communities in creating greener, more livable urban environments.


How to Get Started

The Urban Forest Map is a collaboration of Friends of the Urban Forest, the City of San Francisco, businesses and tree mappers like you to map every tree in San Francisco. Along the way we'll calculate the environmental benefits the trees provide -- how many gallons of stormwater they filter, how many pounds of air pollutants they capture, how many kilowatt-hours of energy they conserve, and how many tons of carbon dioxide they remove from the atmosphere. The information we gather will help urban foresters and city planners to better manage trees in specific areas, track and combat tree pests and diseases, and plan future tree plantings. Climatologists can use it to better understand the effects of urban forests on climates, and students and citizen scientists can use it to learn about the role trees play in the urban ecosystem.

Our goal with the Urban Forest Map is to provide a one-stop repository for tree data, welcoming information from any agency or group and enabling and celebrating citizen participation. Together we'll work toward building a complete, dynamic picture of the urban forest.

What’s new?

We’ve updated the Map and the data! In the years since we launched the first version of the Urban Forest Map, there have been big changes in technology (imagine—at that time there were no smart phones!), and we've incorporated them into our software. The new version is tablet-ready, faster to load, and offers all kinds of exciting new functionality.

In 2016 San Francisco also completed a citywide tree inventory, so we have new data! Check out our blog for posts about the new inventory, including summaries by neighborhood.