The Resources page is the place to find more information on how to use the Urban Forest Map and to find some answers to common questions. For more information on urban forestry in general, visit Friends of the Urban Forest.


How to Get Started

Everyone is welcome to add new trees to the Urban Forest Map or to update existing information. It’s easy to get started. In the top right corner of the Map, click Sign Up to create an account. Be sure to check your email after to confirm the account. Then log in and select the San Francisco Urban Forest Map from the list. To add a tree, just click the Add a Tree button and follow along! To edit the information on an existing tree, search for it on the Map using the Search by Location box or by navigating to the location, then click on the tree, and click Edit Details. Make any changes that are appropriate and click Save at the top.

How to Identify the Species of Your Tree

Urban Tree Key: Not everyone has an easy time telling one species from another. Although many guides and websites can help you identify trees, none focus on urban species. To fill this gap, we developed the Urban Tree Key, a resource for identifying common California urban tree species.

How to Measure the Diameter of Your Tree's Trunk

It’s important to correctly measure the diameter of a tree trunk,because it's the basis for calculating the eco impact of the tree and for understanding the diversity of the urban forest. So we created a video to help answer your questions, like: Isn't it easier to measure the circumference? What if the tree has more than one trunk? What if it's covered in ivy? How far up the tree do I measure?