Inventory, manage, and improve your urban forest, geographically.

So easy to use, anyone can participate

The application’s intuitive interface enables users to:

  • Add individual street or private trees or bulk upload tree datasets
  • Add green infrastructure features
  • Search trees by species, location, stewardship activities, diameter, and other tree characteristics
  • Export data to perform in-depth analyses
  • Add photo and share them through social media
  • Automatically calculate the ecosystem benefits generated by your urban forest each time you add a tree
Screenshot of Add a Tree feature that allows users to specify tree location and additional information

Work from the field

Available on tablets, iPhone and Android mobile devices, OpenTreeMap is an ideal tool for community forestry agencies to engage a dedicated volunteer network of citizens, students, and nonprofit organizations that are passionate about greening their communities to provide hands-on tree tending and inventory support.

Screenshot of Philly Tree Map's advanced filters that allows user to search by diameter, plant date and last tree update

Customize the system you need

Through a robust management dashboard you can keep your map public or private, customize data, stewardship fields and green infrastructure resources, edit comments, set roles and permissions.

Screenshot of a map of Philadelphia highlighting tree locations

Green Infrastructure

As climates change and more regions face severe heat and drought, municipalities all over the world depend on innovative techniques to harvest rain water, prevent stormwater runoff, and conserve water in general. Along with planting more trees, such efforts often include the construction of rain gardens and bioswales and the use of rain barrels and cisterns.

The benefits of capturing rain water are significant:

  • Conserve water
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce flood flows and stormwater runoff that pollutes rivers
  • Reduce energy used to treat stormwater
  • Reduce greenhouse gases contributing to climate change
  • Reduce the need for imported water costing millions
Learn about the Green Infrastructure Module
Image containing logos of Township of Lower Merion, Azavea, Delaware Valley River Planning Commission, Philadelphia Horticultural Society, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
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