Encourage communities to explore urban forests & reinforce your mission.

How can your organization make OpenTreeMap work for you?

Municipalities and Neighborhood Groups

Showcase the importance of the urban forest and your organization’s mission. Citizen foresters can assist your staff in gathering data.


Promote sustainability on campus and encourage students in forestry or environmental studies to understand the ecological impacts of trees.

Arboretums and Public Gardens

Invite visitors to contribute stories and images straight from their mobile phones or tablets.

Private Forestry Consultants

Use a cost-effective, web-based tool that enables you to easily share maps and urban forestry analyses with your clients.

Encourage others to create thriving community forests

Over the web, on tablets, or from iPhone or Android devices, OpenTreeMap facilitates community planting events, educational outreach, tracking of stewardship activities, and other neighborhood initiatives.

Build a community around municipal and privately owned trees as people add data and stewardship tasks, leave comments, and upload images.

Screenshot of Open Tree Map's Community Page that provides users with news feed and updates from other users as well as information regarding total trees, total benefits, active neighborhoods, etc.

Monitor user activity to ensure high quality data

Go ahead! Invite your whole city or campus to help with your inventory.

The administrative dashboard for your tree map enables you to track and review edits, uploaded photos, comments, and stewardship actions. Modify your tree map from the dashboard. Administrator roles, database search options, maps, data fields, and other parameters are all customizable.

Screenshot of view all details and edit details options that appear after clicking a tree on the map

Tell the stories of our trees

OpenTreeMap builds community around our urban forests. Every single tree in your tree map has its own detail page that displays data about the tree, images, eco impact info, a map of the tree’s location, and a comment system. Grow the community connection to trees by encouraging the public to tell the stories of the trees they know and love.

Screenshot of a comment box

Use your tree map as an education tool

Our partners at Urban Ecos, have put together professional and easy to use lesson plans that meet the National Science Education standards for K-12 science education in the United States.  Contact us at opentreemap@azavea.com for more information.

Why not use tree tending in your general curriculum to teach math or about climate change?

Picture of a playground with a few trees surrounding it

Promote your tree map and community efforts through social media and gaming

Share all of your tree map activities directly through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. We are working on gaming features to get more community members engaged with the urban forest.

Send us an email at opentreemap@azavea.com so we can let you know when this feature is ready.

Picture of a whiteboard with post-it notes on it showing tasks and process flow
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