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Customize to your organizational needs

We don’t want to tell you how to collect your data. Instead, we let you create new fields on the fly in the format that works best for you. Set map boundaries, upload custom shape files for geographic filtering, designate user permissions, customize colors, and so much more.

Manage data collection

Whether you have a small or large team, you want to know your data is in the right hands. With OpenTreeMap, you can you add unlimited users, set user roles and permissions, and track edit history so you always know what is being updated when.

Model future plantings

Want to measure and report on the long-term impacts of your tree plantings? Our modeling tool lets you create custom planting scenarios and forecast ecosystem benefits over time. We provide pre-set mortality rates, which you can further customize.

Track your green infrastructure

More and more communities are using green infrastructure to reduce the impacts of extreme heat, droughts, and floods. With OpenTreeMap, you can map bioswales, rain gardens, and rain barrels; log maintenance activities; and automatically calculate environmental benefits.

And so much more

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