Use your tree map to guide future planting efforts.

Ensure our national forests and private working lands are conserved, restored, and made more resilient

Identifying optimal tree planting locations is crucial to ensuring that trees provide the greatest possible benefits for the community.

In 2012, we were awarded a Small Business Innovation Research grant to add forestry modeling and prioritization features to OpenTreeMap. This feature will be available in 2016.

Send us an email at so we can let you know when it is ready.

Screenshot of the forestry modeling feature

Prioritize locations for tree plantings and project future benefits

Upcoming forestry modeling and prioritization features:

  • Generate heat maps of optimal planting locations
  • Adjust factors related to air quality, stormwater management, health data, and more to create customized heat maps based on selected criteria
  • Experiment with digitally planting trees of various species and sizes in order to model the possible growth and mortality rates of the trees
  • Calculate the ecosystem impacts of trees over a 30-year period
  • And coming at a later date: View prioritized locations overlayed with additional info such as areas managed by tree tending organizations, vacant land data, and imagery of the current tree canopy
Screenshot of the forestry prioritization feature
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